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To use dmr on the whole, you need a dmr transceiver and access to a dmr repeater or a local hotspot of your own like the SharkRF Openspot or a Pi-Star.

For anyone who is interested in trying the dmr system out, there are alternative means.
If you have a android device, you can get an app off the google store called droidstar.

You enter your id number and password details in and away you go.

There is a windows version called dudestar. I have both x86 and x64 versions. The devveloper has pulled the downloads for time being.

if you dont have a dmr id, you will need to register for one, then once you get a number, you will then need to register on the brandmeister network. register
brandmeister network

Jasons Anytone 578 868 878 Mods and information Pages Mirror

DMR - for Dummies
Sending SMS
Dudestar DMR for windows x86 and x64 + droidstar apk 2023-03-22
Dudestar DMR for windows x86 and x64 2021-02-19
DROID-Star on Google Play Store
Anytone Digicontacts Upload Procedure (outdated but left for reference)

anytone contacts database github 578 2023-07-22
anytone contacts database github 8x8 2023-07-22

D578UV_V1.16N official CPS and FW compiled by Neil
D868UV_V2.40 official 2021-11-30 FULL orange button
D878UV PLUS V3.01 official release 221104 blue button
D878UVii-V3.01 official 221104 PLUS green button

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