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Hi and welcome to the Redditch AR&CG QRZ Page.

The old Redditch Radio club folded around 2001 and started in the early 1960's so we have not had a club in Redditch for over 20 years so it was time to create a new group and because we wanted to run it a bit different to all the other clubs in the surrounding district, a few of us got together and formed the new Redditch group in January 2020.

If anyone has any information on the old Redditch club please get in touch via the email below as I would like to display the story on here for all to read as a lot of detail about the club has disappeared due to sk's and people moving away from the area.

We have a very diverse range of amateurs in the group with interests that cover a wide range of operating, from rag chewing to contesting, digital, satellite, data, electronics, homebrew especially antennas and more.

If you have a specific interest in contesting and you are looking for a group to join for some help or even some guidance if you are new to contesting or you just want to give the group some points then please drop me an email for further info. We are currently active in a few RSGB VHF contests and we would like to expand this further to group contesting at some point in the future.

If you want to give us a call we are currently on every night on 144.700 FM 9pm onwards sometimes earlier and on Mon&Wed at 8pm for data- psk and rtty on 144.610 USB we don't have a regular HF net currently but most members do operate on HF all modes.

NEW - Nov22 - We now have a regular DMR net on Saturdays approx 10-11am using BM and TG 23525. Feel free to join in.

Drop us an email if you want to try any other frequencies/modes, we are QRV on HF,6,4,2,70&23cms all modes. Listen out for our club call sign M0RGP and break in! We are a friendly active bunch!

If you would like to join our group drop me an email at and i will send you some information on our membership criteria. If you have any questions about membership or having a sked then email your request to The mailbox is regularly checked so please be patient we will reply to you.

We are an internet only type group we dont have a regular meeting place our goal is to get as many people on the air rather than in front of a bar, as the members operate individually there is currently no charge to become a member of our group so long as you agree to our group goals the best you can. We would be happy to discuss membership from any QTH.

Thank you for taking time to read our page I look forward to your email and we hope to catch you on the air soon.

Chairman G0RMG Roy
Redditch AR&CG M0RGP

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