Redditch Amateur Radio & Contest Group
Anytone Digital Contacts Uploading

open Anytone cps.

File Menu/ NEW. ( or ctrl+N) and OK

TOOL Menu / Import

BOX - Button 'Digital Contact List'

Path that to the csv file names similar to 'stripped 2021-01-28.csv' or "anytone contacts database github 2022-02-08b missing dupes added bm.csv" or a other Anytone Digi Contacts as supplied, and ok it.

It will convert into cps format.

Press 'Import' button at bottom of the Import Window, it will pop up IMPORT COMPLETE and OK button.

Plug usb cable into radio, then pc, then turn radio on. windows should beep recognising a usb device (or it installs driver if first time)

Now set com port, MENU SET/ Set Com.

MENU / PROGRAM / Write to Radio.
A box will appear, you are ONLY uploading digi list. So ONLY have the 1 tick box ticked.

Press ok and it will upload. The display changes on HT. takes a little while.
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