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Radio cps codeplug needs setting to m-sms(moto)

BM Website page selfcare, Brand needs settting to Chinesse type.

Pistar only, wont work on openspots at moment.

Based on the function you desire, you will be sending the SMS to one of the three private call numbers above. Below is info for message format and features for each. Note that case is not important, so you can send in UPPER or lower case.

Because of message length limitations on the AnyTone radios, you first need to set a custom configuration for message length in order to properly receive some messages with the AnyTones.
To do this, you first need to activate your special configurations option by sending this to 262993:

Then send this to limit the message length:

You can check that the setting was received by sending:
The returned message should confirm that your special config is Active and SMS: SHORT. Now you should be ready to go.

To send an SMS to another station, send the following to 262995:
'callsign' 'message'
So for example I could send Jon a message:
KE8JLU Hey Jon what TG are you on?

Cellular sms
SMS with the BrandMeister APRS service. By sending a properly formatted SMS to xxx999 (where xxx is the first three digits of the BM master that you are on) you can send the SMS to a mobile/cellular phone number using the APRS SMSGTE service. To do this, send the following to xxx999:

SMSGTE @'phone number' 'message text'
cz server is 2302 so it is 230999
SMSGTE @+44787015934 hello

Available SMS Functions

Here are the SMS service numbers (private calls) and associated functions available through BrandMeister:

262993 - GPS and weather
262994 - Repeater query / POCSAG / dapnet. Rep,poc,dap
262995 - SMSCallsign

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