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Quansheng K5 or K6, or K6(8) or UV-5R Plus and many others too.

Nice cheapo vhf uhf fm transceiver. New customer deals example on Aliexpress AliExpress current offering

Also receives airband. Note that the out of box firmware is very very bad. Airband is not usable. Very distorted and off frequency. This is why in the beginnings these radios were slated. But with the new firmwares, this has been fixed and the first thing users do now is reflash.

In general one main internal pcb/chassis. Be aware, these are only intended to TX on the main vhf uhf bands, nowhere else as they give strong harmful harmonics onto other commercial bands.

k5 white lcd backlight

k6/8 orange backlight, new case and speaker

UV-5R+, blue backlight, newer rectangular case like the old uv5r. Usually has the bigger 2200mah battery too rather than the 1600mah

Before you consider plugging radio into pc, think about what you will be doing.
It is VERY IMPORTANT to make a backup of the config and the calibration data. See below "K5Win 1.26 cal-config backup tool with firmware uploader"

Two of the many firmwares about

1a. egzumer information egzumer

1b. egzumer, firmware direct link egzumer v0.21

2a. Kamils v17.0 Information ( there is newer but 17.0 is best) kamilsss655

2b. Kamils v17.0 firmware direct link kamilsss655 v17.0

are the best personally.

Please note, tools now, run under Windows 10 x64.

Tools to back the radio up out the box, K5Win 1.26 cal-config backup tool with firmware uploader

There is 1.27 but there are a lot of issues with that version. This same tool does unpacked new firmwares

Tool for packed firmware like the 2 above recommended, Called Portable Radio Updater

Best cable brand is a real FTDI.
Others such as ch340 and prolific set radio into tx once plugged into pc. These can work, just only plug in once ready to program.
Chirp current version for standard radios, daily link here. Chirp for all radios

Chirp for kamils/egzumer firmware portable here. FALSE virus. github download url here. Modded Chirp

Python module file here. uvk5_egzumer

It is possible to flash firmware via website but its not very reliable and fussy on cable brand, and there are lots of fake virus sites too already. Web Flashing UVMODS

As with all chineesium dock chargers, dont leave on charge unattended. Like a tumble drier.

FYI, I have easily changed the internals of a uv5r+ and a k6, I preferred the blue lcd backlight and black keys, black knob.
It was very easy, remove the antenna and pull knob off, flat head screwdriver to prise the bottom metal upwards and then pull outwards.
Speaker is soldered, so unsolder red black wires and reverse on refit.
Took 10 minutes to do change over.

Base levered out

module taken out

Speaker wires


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